Share the Products You Love and Earn

Share the Products You Love and Earn

We love to buy things for ourselves and at times, we would want to share it to our friends. The common question that we usually hear is “what can I gain for promoting it?” and if the answer is nothing but appreciation from our friends and cash for the sellers, you would just leave them to find out what you use. What if I tell you there is a way for you to enjoy referring products and having an extra income coming from it?

Tell Me More about It!

This is a new millennial concept called a Side Hustle, and it works for people who are not satisfied with their day job. It’s usually a work-for-hire that you can do on the internet during your free time. Don’t confuse this with freelancing because this isn’t a full time work but it can be. Side Hustling may become fun for you as it gives you the freedom to do what you love and earn from it. You become your own boss, and you will have clients who will then give you great responses and reviews, thus allowing you to attract more customers.

Do You Need a Lot of Time for That?

Not at all, as there is a side hustle which you can do during your free time or even at work, and that is being an online marketer. As an online marketer, you simply recommend products and redirect them to certain online shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, and many more. These sites are legitimate, well respected and well known to many, therefore making this a great job for you even while you work. You don’t even have to focus on your small community of family and friends; you can be a rockstar in the online marketing business and change your life.

If you’re interested in becoming a marketing affiliate, you can apply at Amazon Associates, CJ Affiliate by Conservant, or you can put up your own LinkedIn as a marketing affiliate and start doing business. If you want to become a Hustling Hotties like us and learn about being a marketing affiliate, contact us through our e-mail at:

Earn Extra Income By Becoming A Public Speaker

Earn Extra Income By Becoming A Public Speaker

Public speaking refers to the act of speaking before a group of audience such as delivering elocution pieces, product presentation, giving speeches, and the like. If you have what it takes to become a public speaker, then you can hone your skills and  earn from public speaking.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your performance and become one of the most sought-after public speakers:

Be Prepared

Nothing substitutes good preparation! This is true to every endeavor that you undertake, most especially if you are a neophyte. By being prepared with what you need to say and how should you say it, you become more confident in presenting yourself on stage and  you’ll overcome your fears.

Don’t Speak Immediately

Always remember that the moment you walk on stage is not the right time to start talking. Just stand for few seconds, compose yourself, then give your audience a sincere look and smile.This way, you’ll be able to capture their attention, making them more receptive of what you have to say.

Establish Rapport

You are there to talk to an audience about something that can benefit them. Thus, you need to first have a clear idea about them which may include their age, education, gender, likes and interests. This can help you in your choice of words as well as the kind of humor that you may use in order to establish a good relationship with them. Maintain eye contact as you speak to make them feel that you are sincere with what you say.

Be Sensitive to Feedback and Adapt to It

It is a fact that as you speak, you can also see your audience’s feedback about your topic. You can tell if you are able to hold their attention and if they agree with you or not. It is actually very obvious from the expression of their faces. Of course, you want them to agree with you. However, if they seem to have some doubts or confusion, what would you do? As a good speaker, you need to be flexible and you should know how to adjust your message. Use concrete examples to drive home your point more easily. You can’t question their reactions as they might be talking from their own experience. This usually happens if you are presenting a product or services. It is here where you need to show your amazing personality; don’t be threatened by unfavorable comments. Instead, welcome them, and be able to deal with them positively. Again, if you are well-prepared, you can definitely convince your audience to think the way you do. You can, therefore,  succeed at making public speaking your side hustle.

If you want to know  more about other forms of  side hustles, then make it a point to learn from  the expert. Just visit

Top 5 Ways To Earn Extra Money From Side Hustle

Top 5 Ways To Earn Extra Money From Side Hustle

When you want to earn extra bucks and looking for a quicker method,  side hustle turn out to be your best friend.  There are multiple of ways to make cash. If you have the willingness and passion to do it, you can do it. Here are couple of ideas that you do:

1. Selling your stuffs online – Generally, selling online enlarge your market access and make chance to intensify your complete sales revenues. And also, you don’t need a physical store, just a website and social media pages where you can interact with your customers.

2. Blogging – I strongly think that it is safe to say blogging is here to live and we be able to all have the opportunity to be part of it. So if you have a passion, start a blog and write about it. But first off, I want you to know that this kind of side hustle won’t earn much in the beginning. Just keep on doing it and until it grows. This one really takes a hard work. You can earn cash through partners or collaborations who will pay you to talk about their brand on your website. Or you can even receive some products where you can try and make a review. It’s up to you!

3. Tutor – If you are multi lingual, this job is a good opportunity for you. Where you can teach people to speak other language. Or if you’re college student who has previously engaged  with some classes in your major? You can assist tutor others in those same classes and earn cash per head.  It’s a good  opportunity to side hustle in school, while maintaining your own grades or knowledge. You can tutor what you think you are good at!

4. Baby-Sitting – This is another brilliant way to earn money. Even if you are in high school, college or employed, there is no way you can’t keep in this type of job as there are lot’s of people who need help in taking care of their children. You can earn above $100 per day.

5. Be A Task Rabbit – TaskRabbit is a hot start-up that everybody is talking about. is a webpage where you can register and do small errands for other people. It can be whatever thing, like doing groceries, cleaning houses or paper works.

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What kind of side hustles you’ve done so far? We want to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment

6 Ways To Balance Your Side Hustle With Your Full Time Job

6 Ways To Balance Your Side Hustle With Your Full Time Job

Working with two or three different career is very common now in our time, whether we want to earn extra bucks, initiating our own business or just want to grow experience in a new profession. There are couple of times, that you just mix things up, the day get really toxic and way too many tasks to keep track of, it’s quite difficult to keep upright between fulfilling your commitments to those jobs and retaining your sense. What it really comes down to is superb time management skills.

So here are 6 tips for balancing your side hustle with your full time job:

1. Know what you can deal with – Make sure your second job can mesh well with your full time job. For example, if your day job obligates you to work all day or you should travel plenty, then get a part time job/ business that is flexible with your working schedule. In this technique, you can make sure your professional career stays at the top of your priority list. Decide wisely!

2. Be Prepared to Work – It’s essential to always keep in mind that if you’re trying to begin or develop your side hustle, you cannot avoid that days will really get toxic, so you need to be prepared to buckle down and hustle—because it’s not called a side hustle for nothing. You really need to sacrifice.

3. Plan Out Your Week Ahead of Time – Map out your weekly schedule to guarantee you provide both careers the time and concentration they deserve. Make sure to give yourself a sufficient time to put your feet up and finish all of your work. You can use planner or phone app like calendar to keep things organized.

4. Keep Boundaries Clear and Take Some Time Off – When you are working multiple jobs, if you have an opportunity to take off for a one full day in a week, you take it! But, if you are loaded with working schedule and you cannot take an entire day off, even if you want to. Just give yourself at least a half day off or a few hours day off for you to rest in a week. It’s really necessary, because it will condition your mind and body. And when you are not working, do not think about work.

5. Clarify What You Can Outsource – Let’s be real, we are no superhero and there will be some really tough times that you need the help of other people. Now, think of specific tasks and responsibilities you’d like to eliminate from your cover and see if you can employ external help to take care of them. This will surely make your life way easier!

6. Stay Focused– There will be couple of times that you will be down and wanted to stop your side hustle. To stay focused, keep a practical time frame in mind. But for now, remind yourself that what you are doing is not permanent and as long as you can power through for a little longer, you’ll achieve your final target!

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How to Start a Side Hustle

How to Start a Side Hustle

When individuals think about initiating a new business, generally we are visualizing giving up our work, leaving behind financial stability and venturing everything.

But in real life, most of the people who owns small business is also working on their day job while starting up, something a lot of new entrepreneurs don’t realize. That’s why most of us may perhaps have decided that leaving your day job isn’t a requirement.

Here are some helpful tips if you want to do a side hustle without quitting your day job:

1. Do what you love, it’s important that you are doing what you love. Doing something you love will make you strive harder at it, but that alone doesn’t mean you have a good business. Hard work, essentially, has to assemble with the perfect opportunities, and that’s where entrepreneurial spirit can come in, letting passion to meet real business intelligence.

2. Be professional, always make sure that you are budgeting your time effectively. I totally understand that sticking into routine is the hardest part but this one is totally important.

3. Do not forget to list your tasks, so you become more organize and avoid mixing up things. Most of people who are very busy and do not list their tasks, tend up to forget things. A planner is a must have!

4. Most of people who started doing their side hustle, just gave up and go back to their life. So it’s important that you always stay inspired! Do not forget the things that made you start everything! There will be down moments, so make sure that you won’t lose touch!

How about you? Do you have a side hustle?
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