Moms Need Vacation Time Alone

Moms Need Vacation Time Alone

Are you a mom that always feels exhausted even you just woke up? You feel overwhelmed with the kids, your job, and taking care of the house regularly. Being a mother is a rewarding job ever, but as exhausting as can be. No doubt that our kids are adorable and our bundle of joy, but they are also full of energy. They’re the main reason why we are tired all the time.

Moms usually underestimate the benefits of having a vacation. What I’m saying is taking up a VACATION WITHOUT YOUR KIDS. Don’t you agree that you’re having a peaceful holiday with the kids? Yes, it’s fun indeed, but it’s so much tiring for us. It’s more tiring to go out with kids than staying at home, right. So are you not convinced yet? Here are some reasons to have momcation:


1. It prevents burnout

Being a mom is like working two full-time jobs. You don’t have time to take care of yourself, literally. Go to a beach, to the nearest coffee shop, to a spa, get your nails done, etc. Do not feel guilty about making time alone. You deserve it! Because it will keep you away from burning out, depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.


2. Finding and regenerate yourself

Do not feel shame to buy and do the things you want for yourself. Being alone is an advantage to regenerate yourself and find the real you again. Honestly, when we had the kids, it feels like we didn’t do the things that we are doing before. Whether we love to travel, shopping, mountain climbing, everything we want gets set aside.

Now it is the perfect time to go alone and do the things that you love. Being a mom isn’t bad at all, always remember that you deserve to be happy, too.


3. A new outlook on motherhood

Have you felt like everything is messed up even on the little things? Do you feel so overwhelmed by what’s happening that surrounds you? Most of the time, we lost our perspective on the essential things, and we focused on the little things. You need to take off everything on your shoulders for you to able to give more. That’s why having a rest is essential as your health.


You’ll get to realize that those things that don’t matter are not the things you worry about before. So if your feeling that you need some time alone, grab that! I promise you; you won’t regret it. You should never feel shame about getting time for yourself that you can be the best mom to your family. You’ll get back refreshed and renewed.

A Book A Week

A Book A Week



One of my new year’s resolutions for 2019 was to read 52 books this year. It means that I would have to read a book a week. This blog post will be updated weekly with the book I read that week, my summary of the book, and it may contain an affiliate link to the book on Amazon.


  1. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – This book is a classic that I never got a chance to read. It was delightful to be able to get to know Maya Angelou’s story. I have taken to a time in history that is not generally told by African Americans. It was a well-written art, and I understand why it is considered a classic.



 2. Shut Up and Do the Work – Stephanie gives a brash wake up call to those who are walking around with rose-colored glasses on. I enjoyed the reminder of getting what I need to do done. Your life is only as good as you allow it to be, and this book is a reminder that we all need.



3. Unfuck Yourself– This is another no-nonsense book. As you can tell from the title, Gary came to make a point. There are so many of us that that is in our head and not making things happen. This book is about killing the excuses and going after what you want.



4. Energy Strands – I have been on a spiritual journey and this book was a god send. Denise discusses things like cutting cords, meditation and how sound affects your spirit. Since I listened to the audio copy, I am going to get the physical copy because I want to highlight and take notes. If you trying to connect to god on a different level this one is for you. 



5. 6 Months to 6 Figures – This one was more of a motivational book than a guide to 6 figures. While it did give you a pump of motivation, it fell short of what I expected from the title. This author seems to know all of the great motivational speakers and coaches by the way that he name-drops. I did not get any road-map of how I was going to make six figures in 6 months. But I did have a few ah-ha moments when I remembered people who I wanted to review what they were up to.



6. Don’t settle for safe is no-nonsense. You better get it right book by Sara Jakes Robert, who is the daughter of pastor T.D. Jakes. I have seen her motivational videos on Facebook when I saw she had a book on Audible I have compelled to buy it. I am so happy with my purchase, not only did I get Mrs. Roberts back story, but I also felt motivated. She made me remember that I can achieve anything. I realized that I have to stop being stuck and move forward. I needed the kick that this book provided.