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Welcome to Hustling Hotties

Welcome to Hustling Hotties

Welcome to Hustling Hotties. My name is Janelle and I love to side hustle. Before I was a Hustling Hottie I was working for corporate America.

In 2009, I started working for a bank in customer service and I was so excited. I was 21 and had just started my first corporate job. I had my own insurance, a retirement plan and I was on salary plus commission. Granted it wasn’t a huge salary but it was regular money. For a young woman with no kids I could live like a fat rat. The first year went great until I realized that I was highly stressed trying to meet my sales quota. I became so stress that I was having strong chest pains, my hair was falling out and I had my menstrual cycle for 3 months straight. It was at that time that I decided to go on a medical leave. This was just not my story at this company, but this was the environment. At least once a week the ambulance came to take someone to the hospital for various reasons.


It was on this medical leave that I decided that I had to leave the company. I was so tired of feeling sick and if I was being truly honest I was depressed. All of my company morale was out the window and my bed was my favorite place to be. I needed to freedom! For such a long time, I thought that having a regular job was going to be the solution to all of my problems. But after working at the bank I knew that a job was not for me. I knew I was destined for more, but I really wasn’t sure what.


I was already tutoring part time and decided to nanny part time as well. The tutoring was going great because it was in short sessions 2 to 4 hours, but the nannying felt like a job again to me. The pay was less than tutoring and I worked 8 to 12 hour days. So decided to pick up more tutoring sessions. By the time I quit my job at the bank I was tutoring 35 hours a week and making more money than I did working full time at the bank.


Those tutoring clients loved me so much that they began to refer me to other clients and within a year I was working 60 to 80 hour weeks and feeling overwhelmed. Tutoring was feeling like the bank and I was not happy again. At this time, it struck me that what I needed to do was to hire tutors to help me. I started out with 2 and ended up with 10 tutors who went all over Atlanta homeschooling and tutoring students. This was my first (of many) side hustles that I turned into a business. I didn’t have to tutor anymore. I stayed home and booked clients for my tutors. I loved what I did it was great. I was making money and I didn’t have to leave my house.


Today I still have a couple of tutors that work for me, but I have taken on many other side hustles that have become quite profitable for me. I no longer have to leave my home unless I want to. I travel the world where and when I want to. I have freedom!


I would like to offer you the same freedom that I have today. Read my ebook side hustle 101. It gives you the basics needed to start your side hustle and get the freedom that you desire. Then schedule a call with me and let’s discuss how I can help you gain complete access to this lifestyle.

If it ain’t about the money

If it ain’t about the money

I am at 7 months pregnant and waiting to meet my little prince. In the mean time, I am constantly trying to think of ways to increase my side hustle business and make more money.

I am excited to say that the side hustle of rent condo is going very well! I took Nick’s advice(from sidehustlenation.com) and placed the whole condo on the site for rent. Prior to speaking to him, I was renting out one of the rooms and staying in the other room. I was charging anywhere from $45 to $59 per night for the room. I was able to book 20 out of 30 days. I made around $1100 in those 30 days. I placed the whole condo on the site and charged $119 during the week and $133 on the weekend plus a $50 cleaning fee for every stay. I am set to have 28 out of 30 days booked this month. I am set to make about $3400 this month. I have also hired a cleaning lady who I pay $100 a week which is where the cleaning fee goes. This has eliminated me for having to go to the condo and manage clean up. This has allowed me to make a huge amount of profit and essentially has eliminated my need to do any other work. I have a new goal of obtaining another property and doing the same things again.

Of course, the money made from the condo is great but as usual I am always looking for ways to make more. My goal is to always make money while being on my computer so I decided to ramp up my virtual assistant work. I have a goal of making $2000 a month for VA/ Social media management work. I have decided to pay for a membership on hiremymom.com. Hire my mom is a site where clients can post jobs that they need assistance with. The jobs range from WordPress designs to scheduling. The beauty of this site is that you are able to get referrals from the clients on this site. So one client on this site leads to about 3 clients for me. I really plan on going through all of the current jobs and take a little time to apply to each potential client. If I do this twice a week I think I should reach my goal by the end of the year.

I have also created my first membership site called www.missjstutoring.com. This site houses all of my tutoring worksheets that I have created over the years for all of my tutoring and homeschool clients. The worksheets range from Pre-K to 5th grade. I was selling my worksheets on another site, but I decided to try my own site and see what type of revenue I can bring in. So far it’s still in the tweaking stage but once it is complete and if it is marketed well it could be a great stream of residual income.


My mother and I at my babyshower. I’m 6 months pregnant!

All three of these streams of income are going to allow me to be able to care for my little prince without taking too much time away from him. If everything is managed well I should be able to handle everything. My goal is to create 5 streams of residual income that take less than an hour a day to manage. If I can have 5 streams making me at least $2000 a month that will equal $10k a month. I will be in the $100k club.

Keeping up with all of my hustles as a hustling hottie is quite a lot of work. Time management is key to being able to juggle everything that I am doing. I am constantly making lists. Since I am pregnant my memory is no good. I have to write everything down as soon as I think about it. I use an app on my laptop called memo it’s a great app to keep up with all of my thoughts. I also work in increments. I got this strategy from my wonderful from Jo from jobendel.com. So what I do it time my work with music since the average song is about 4 minutes I listen to 5 songs and then take a walk around the house. It is important that I get my steps in and I also have to make sure that I eat. So I take a 1 song break to grab a snack downstairs, go to the bathroom and get my steps in.

I would love to hear what you do to make sure that you are getting your work done on a daily basis. Are there any apps that I should be using or any great techniques that you love?

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