When individuals think about initiating a new business, generally we are visualizing giving up our work, leaving behind financial stability and venturing everything.

But in real life, most of the people who owns small business is also working on their day job while starting up, something a lot of new entrepreneurs don’t realize. That’s why most of us may perhaps have decided that leaving your day job isn’t a requirement.

Here are some helpful tips if you want to do a side hustle without quitting your day job:

1. Do what you love, it’s important that you are doing what you love. Doing something you love will make you strive harder at it, but that alone doesn’t mean you have a good business. Hard work, essentially, has to assemble with the perfect opportunities, and that’s where entrepreneurial spirit can come in, letting passion to meet real business intelligence.

2. Be professional, always make sure that you are budgeting your time effectively. I totally understand that sticking into routine is the hardest part but this one is totally important.

3. Do not forget to list your tasks, so you become more organize and avoid mixing up things. Most of people who are very busy and do not list their tasks, tend up to forget things. A planner is a must have!

4. Most of people who started doing their side hustle, just gave up and go back to their life. So it’s important that you always stay inspired! Do not forget the things that made you start everything! There will be down moments, so make sure that you won’t lose touch!

How about you? Do you have a side hustle?
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