Working with two or three different career is very common now in our time, whether we want to earn extra bucks, initiating our own business or just want to grow experience in a new profession. There are couple of times, that you just mix things up, the day get really toxic and way too many tasks to keep track of, it’s quite difficult to keep upright between fulfilling your commitments to those jobs and retaining your sense. What it really comes down to is superb time management skills.

So here are 6 tips for balancing your side hustle with your full time job:

1. Know what you can deal with – Make sure your second job can mesh well with your full time job. For example, if your day job obligates you to work all day or you should travel plenty, then get a part time job/ business that is flexible with your working schedule. In this technique, you can make sure your professional career stays at the top of your priority list. Decide wisely!

2. Be Prepared to Work – It’s essential to always keep in mind that if you’re trying to begin or develop your side hustle, you cannot avoid that days will really get toxic, so you need to be prepared to buckle down and hustle—because it’s not called a side hustle for nothing. You really need to sacrifice.

3. Plan Out Your Week Ahead of Time – Map out your weekly schedule to guarantee you provide both careers the time and concentration they deserve. Make sure to give yourself a sufficient time to put your feet up and finish all of your work. You can use planner or phone app like calendar to keep things organized.

4. Keep Boundaries Clear and Take Some Time Off – When you are working multiple jobs, if you have an opportunity to take off for a one full day in a week, you take it! But, if you are loaded with working schedule and you cannot take an entire day off, even if you want to. Just give yourself at least a half day off or a few hours day off for you to rest in a week. It’s really necessary, because it will condition your mind and body. And when you are not working, do not think about work.

5. Clarify What You Can Outsource – Let’s be real, we are no superhero and there will be some really tough times that you need the help of other people. Now, think of specific tasks and responsibilities you’d like to eliminate from your cover and see if you can employ external help to take care of them. This will surely make your life way easier!

6. Stay Focused– There will be couple of times that you will be down and wanted to stop your side hustle. To stay focused, keep a practical time frame in mind. But for now, remind yourself that what you are doing is not permanent and as long as you can power through for a little longer, you’ll achieve your final target!

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