How to Sell Stock Photos

Did you know you could make money selling your photos and potentially supplement your income? For most aspiring photographers, this is the best side hustle for them. However, if you are camera friendly and always take great photos, you can consider selling your photos for some money.

Microstock sites such as and make it pretty easy for anyone to sell their photos online. Other sites where you can sell your photos are Fotolia, Dreamstime, Depositphotos, 123RF, PixMac etc. Most sites charge $1 for the small size photos but the amount increases with larger photos.
Stock photography is a photo or graphics that can be licensed for a specific use. Their use is very popular among designers, graphic editors, advertising agencies and so on. In preparing ads, websites, brochures …
For example, companies or individuals instead of hiring professional photographers purchase photos from these websites.

To start selling your photos, you need to sign up as a contributor. Most sites will ask for sample photos before approving your account. Once your account is approved, you can upload as many photos as you like for free. However, for every sale, the microsite will charge a small fee. To make more money, you can choose to be exclusive to one site.

Photos quality

Photos without noise
Your photos go through serious checking. So be sure that the picture is clean, has a nice composition and most importantly, free from digital noise generated due to set high ISO values, short exposure, long exposures or because of excessive processing.
No tourist photos
Do not think that you could earn anything from the sale of tourist point & shoot photos. This is not a scheme to get rich quickly.
Your photos must be commercially acceptable, the benefits to designers and graphic editors. Once you join one of these services, you can see the most popular images to gain an impression of what are the requirements. Visit the various professional photo galleries and so pick up by inspiration.

No copyright material
When applying for a photo, make sure that it has no trademarks, brands, products (eg, Nike)

Choose the right microstock agency

You need to know what kind of photography agency asking that. Holds and whether such photos. Check the number of users of these sites, how many times removed popular photos. Basically, evaluate whether this page worth your effort.

Categorize and keyword selection
Photographers usually put the photo in more than just one category which is definitely recommended. Also connect your photos with the right keywords, allowing your photos to be found through search engines integrated into the website. You can use keywords to describe your photos for more visibility. Keywords are what clients use to search for photos to purchase. As easy as it sounds; this can be a difficult business to penetrate.

It should be known to play keywords, but not enter “false” keywords that are not related to photography. Basically, your photos should therefore not be discarded.

Selling stock photos is a game of numbers and you need to sell more to earn more. However, you can focus on taking great photos that will sell quickly. A good digital camera is a must have tool for this business. You need to find connections in different aspects and be able to take good photos of each.

In addition to photos, microstock sites also sell audio and video clips as well as vectors, icons.

With access to good cameras, more and more people are contributing their photos so yours have to be equally good to sell. Many websites reject a lot of photos and only approve the best generic photos. We all take photos in our day to day lives. With a little creativity, these photos can be sold and earn us money. Have you ever sold your photographs before? Feel free to leave a comment blow and share your experience.

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