When you think about a side hustle, you shouldn’t dwell too much on this. A side hustle should earn you more money while you still have your main job. The experience you have gained while working can be used to create a side hustle. Here is how you can go about it:

  1. Freelance your Skills

You have definitely gained a lot of experience over your working years. You can put your experience to practice and freelance your skills to other companies. As a freelance worker, you get to choose your own working hours. Some freelancing sites to look at include: Fiverr, Upwork and PeoplePerHour. These sites are absolutely free to sign up and once you profile is fully completed and approved, you can start engaging with potential clients.

  1. Package Your Knowledge

Having created a successful career, the next step would be sharing your knowledge with other people. You can plan webinars and boot camps in which you teach others how to succeed in what is that you do. Most boot camps are planned into packages since you can’t damp all the information on people at a go. It’s usually a step to step course which you can charge as a whole or by chapters depending on your target audience.

  3. Write and Sell eBooks

Another great way to earn passive income is to write and sell eBooks. Once you have a successful career, people will look up to you with questions in your field of expertise. You can answer these questions and have a book that addresses their questions and more. You could sell these eBooks at a fee and always recommend it to everyone who reaches out to you seeking your professional assistance.

  1. Launch Online Course

Online courses are increasingly becoming popular among many people. It is a good way to interact with people all over the world. Is an exciting opportunity to earn more income for yourself. Sites such as Udemy and Skillshare provide a platform where students interact with teachers on different courses. The best part about an online course is that you decide what rate to price your services at.

  1. Coach and Consult

Unlike freelancing your skills, consultancy is mainly a packaged service at a determined fee. With this kind of work, you are agreeing to be the go to person when queries arise in your field of expertise. It’s mostly ideal for corporates and in exchange of a monthly retainer; you offer them your services. If you manage to get at least two corporate clients, you can earn a decent income from this side hustle.

Clearly your side hustle doesn’t have to be different from your main job. You can use your full time job to improve your skill set and start a side hustle from it. What is your current job description on your full time job? Do you think you can use your skills to earn more money on the side?