Everyone is looking for an opportunity to make money.

Everyone can earn money, but not everyone can make money in the same way.

For example, a developer can make money by creating an application, and fashion consultant can earn cash by suggesting women which outfits are right for particular occasions.

Fashion consultant most likely does not know to develop apps, and the developer very likely does not understand the fashion or both can make money on the Internet (although not in the same way).

Sometimes, you need to make money fast but do not have an idea of how to go about it. You can make fast money on the internet, but also off the internet.

Here are the top ten ways to make quick money.

  1. Online Ways to Make Fast Money

Online Coaching and Consulting – As a successful professional, many people will reach out for advice or guidance in your area of expertise.

You can offer your consulting services online and make extra money.

A good way to this is to come up with a professional website of your services and market yourself online to potential clients.

Freelancing – As a freelancer, you offer your services to strangers on a need basis.

Sometimes, you can get repeat business from clients who are happy with your services.

It is an easy way to make money because you are paid instantly on delivery. Some good sites to freelance your skill include Upwork, Freelancer. Com, Guru.com, and Peopleperhour among others.

Tutoring on Skillshare and Udemy – You probably have skills that other people are willing to learn. Whether academic or not, you can create your course on Udemy and Skillshare and meet students who are willing to be tutored on your class.

Become a Virtual Assistant – A virtual assistant is someone that lends professional help to individuals or companies.

The tasks can be simple administrative duties or more complex technical support tasks.

Depending on your field of expertise, you can look for virtual assistance jobs online and generate more income for yourself.

Rental Friend – Some people are willing to pay to meet and go out on dates with strangers. You can have a strictly platonic date for about $20-$50 per hour. You can combine this with other services such as online dating consultant to make more money.

2. Offline Ways to Make Fast Money

Become a Postmate or TaskRabbit – A task rabbit is someone who runs errands on behalf of others.

The tasks are pretty simple and do not require any technical skills. Errands such picking up laundry or sending packages to several destinations are easy to do if you have time.

Alternatively, you can sign up with your local restaurants and deliver food to people and make you about $13 per hour which is not bad if you more time on your hands.

Volunteer Overtime – If you already have a full-time job, you can put in extra work hours to make more money.

Most full-time working hours are between 9 am – 5 pm. You can get to work a little earlier and leave later on.

At the end of the month, your pay cheque will be something to smile about if you put in considerable extra hours.

Uber DriverUber drivers make about $15-$25 per hour. In a busy town, you can potentially make more depending on the demand for a taxi.

After your day job, you can put in a few driving hours during the weekdays and over the weekends set in more hours.

It can potentially earn you $150 per week for at least 10 hours of driving hours.

Start a Catering Service – Not everyone enjoys eating in restaurants every day.

You can come up with simple homemade recipes that people would love to eat but do not have the chance to cook it themselves.

You can also arrange to have cooking classes for different recipes to earn more.

Social and corporate events do require catering services, and you can market yourself to event planners and offer catering services for their activities.

Sports Coaching – Schools and learning institutions are always looking for sports coach for their teams.

If you are athletic and good at sports, you can work part-time as a lead or assistant coach depending on your expertise.

It is a great way to get paid for what you already know how to do. You can also referee some league games within your region.

With more experience, you can get to coach more serious teams and earn a lot of money.

It’s effortless, but of course, it is necessary to be determined, of bias and given to the order.

Again, if you can go for years to college or school and then get up every morning and work eight hours every day, then you can live with an equal commitment to learning something new.

Find another better job that will allow a lot more profit.

Always have at least an hour a day that you can devote each something new.

Eventually, you will be able to replace the existing work this new, better job completely.

You can make money both online and offline.

You need to discover what works best for you and take advantage of it.

How are you currently hustling?

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