Share the Products You Love and Earn

Share the Products You Love and Earn

We love to buy things for ourselves and at times, we would want to share it to our friends. The common question that we usually hear is “what can I gain for promoting it?” and if the answer is nothing but appreciation from our friends and cash for the sellers, you would just leave them to find out what you use. What if I tell you there is a way for you to enjoy referring products and having an extra income coming from it?

Tell Me More about It!

This is a new millennial concept called a Side Hustle, and it works for people who are not satisfied with their day job. It’s usually a work-for-hire that you can do on the internet during your free time. Don’t confuse this with freelancing because this isn’t a full time work but it can be. Side Hustling may become fun for you as it gives you the freedom to do what you love and earn from it. You become your own boss, and you will have clients who will then give you great responses and reviews, thus allowing you to attract more customers.

Do You Need a Lot of Time for That?

Not at all, as there is a side hustle which you can do during your free time or even at work, and that is being an online marketer. As an online marketer, you simply recommend products and redirect them to certain online shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, and many more. These sites are legitimate, well respected and well known to many, therefore making this a great job for you even while you work. You don’t even have to focus on your small community of family and friends; you can be a rockstar in the online marketing business and change your life.

If you’re interested in becoming a marketing affiliate, you can apply at Amazon Associates, CJ Affiliate by Conservant, or you can put up your own LinkedIn as a marketing affiliate and start doing business. If you want to become a Hustling Hotties like us and learn about being a marketing affiliate, contact us through our e-mail at:

Top 5 Ways To Earn Extra Money From Side Hustle

Top 5 Ways To Earn Extra Money From Side Hustle

When you want to earn extra bucks and looking for a quicker method,  side hustle turn out to be your best friend.  There are multiple of ways to make cash. If you have the willingness and passion to do it, you can do it. Here are couple of ideas that you do:

1. Selling your stuffs online – Generally, selling online enlarge your market access and make chance to intensify your complete sales revenues. And also, you don’t need a physical store, just a website and social media pages where you can interact with your customers.

2. Blogging – I strongly think that it is safe to say blogging is here to live and we be able to all have the opportunity to be part of it. So if you have a passion, start a blog and write about it. But first off, I want you to know that this kind of side hustle won’t earn much in the beginning. Just keep on doing it and until it grows. This one really takes a hard work. You can earn cash through partners or collaborations who will pay you to talk about their brand on your website. Or you can even receive some products where you can try and make a review. It’s up to you!

3. Tutor – If you are multi lingual, this job is a good opportunity for you. Where you can teach people to speak other language. Or if you’re college student who has previously engaged  with some classes in your major? You can assist tutor others in those same classes and earn cash per head.  It’s a good  opportunity to side hustle in school, while maintaining your own grades or knowledge. You can tutor what you think you are good at!

4. Baby-Sitting – This is another brilliant way to earn money. Even if you are in high school, college or employed, there is no way you can’t keep in this type of job as there are lot’s of people who need help in taking care of their children. You can earn above $100 per day.

5. Be A Task Rabbit – TaskRabbit is a hot start-up that everybody is talking about. is a webpage where you can register and do small errands for other people. It can be whatever thing, like doing groceries, cleaning houses or paper works.

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What kind of side hustles you’ve done so far? We want to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment

Get Paid By Arranging Flowers for Any Occasion

Get Paid By Arranging Flowers for Any Occasion

If you still have some extra time after your regular work and you want to earn more, you can do a side hustle. For example, you can earn by arranging flowers for any special occasion. This might sound an easy task, but you need to be skillful enough in order to do this well.

Here are some tips which can help beginners like you become a good florist:


Before you start arranging your flowers for any occasion, you need to put them in lukewarm water with floral preservative or flower food. This is to reduce bacteria and to keep your flowers healthy. You also need to make a fresh cut about 1 inch from the bottom of the stem, then leave them in lukewarm water for a couple of days as this will help them absorb water better, thus prolonging their life.


Sitting with the arrangement at an eye level is the best way to have a great angle for creating an even arrangement. Don’t forget to wear garden gloves when dealing with flowers having thorns, and remove these thorns with a sharp knife; make a 45-degree angle cut before you finally arrange the flowers and trim those leaves which may submerge in water.

As you get all your flowers ready for arrangement, you can get a floral foam or flower frog where you place the stems. Then, decide the kind of arrangement that you need to do which most likely depends on the occasion where your flowers will be used. You can start with a simple flower arrangement, until you can perfectly do it.

On going Care

Always remember that your flowers should not be placed in an area that is near to any sources of heat, including sunlight, as they can easily wither.

These are a few of the things that you need to know in order to succeed in making flower arrangement your side hustle.

6 Ways To Balance Your Side Hustle With Your Full Time Job

6 Ways To Balance Your Side Hustle With Your Full Time Job

Working with two or three different career is very common now in our time, whether we want to earn extra bucks, initiating our own business or just want to grow experience in a new profession. There are couple of times, that you just mix things up, the day get really toxic and way too many tasks to keep track of, it’s quite difficult to keep upright between fulfilling your commitments to those jobs and retaining your sense. What it really comes down to is superb time management skills.

So here are 6 tips for balancing your side hustle with your full time job:

1. Know what you can deal with – Make sure your second job can mesh well with your full time job. For example, if your day job obligates you to work all day or you should travel plenty, then get a part time job/ business that is flexible with your working schedule. In this technique, you can make sure your professional career stays at the top of your priority list. Decide wisely!

2. Be Prepared to Work – It’s essential to always keep in mind that if you’re trying to begin or develop your side hustle, you cannot avoid that days will really get toxic, so you need to be prepared to buckle down and hustle—because it’s not called a side hustle for nothing. You really need to sacrifice.

3. Plan Out Your Week Ahead of Time – Map out your weekly schedule to guarantee you provide both careers the time and concentration they deserve. Make sure to give yourself a sufficient time to put your feet up and finish all of your work. You can use planner or phone app like calendar to keep things organized.

4. Keep Boundaries Clear and Take Some Time Off – When you are working multiple jobs, if you have an opportunity to take off for a one full day in a week, you take it! But, if you are loaded with working schedule and you cannot take an entire day off, even if you want to. Just give yourself at least a half day off or a few hours day off for you to rest in a week. It’s really necessary, because it will condition your mind and body. And when you are not working, do not think about work.

5. Clarify What You Can Outsource – Let’s be real, we are no superhero and there will be some really tough times that you need the help of other people. Now, think of specific tasks and responsibilities you’d like to eliminate from your cover and see if you can employ external help to take care of them. This will surely make your life way easier!

6. Stay Focused– There will be couple of times that you will be down and wanted to stop your side hustle. To stay focused, keep a practical time frame in mind. But for now, remind yourself that what you are doing is not permanent and as long as you can power through for a little longer, you’ll achieve your final target!

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Become A Freelance Writer As Your Side Hustle

Become A Freelance Writer As Your Side Hustle

If you are someone who can easily combine words to express your brilliant thoughts, then you can become a writer and earn from it; you can then opt to become a freelance writer where you are only paid based on the work that you do, of course depending on the request of your client. As a freelance writer, you do not belong to any group or company; you are an independent contractor running your own small business. In short, you are your own boss!

This kind of side hustle can really earn you much as there are lots of businesses that are looking for good writers. Of course, you don’t want to be just a writer; you want to be known as a good writer, right? So, to be respected in your chosen field, you need to have enough knowledge and skills to do your craft really well. This means, your grammar must be flawless, and you must know exactly how to play with words to get your ideas across, thus giving your client an impressive output.

Now, you might wonder what can you’ll get by becoming a freelance writer. To help you out, here are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy:

● Extra Income

Undeniably, being a freelance writer can offer you a handsome pay while working for just a short period of time and enjoying what you do.

● Flexible Project and Flexible Schedule

As a freelancer, you can have several clients, depending on your existing work schedule. You can also work on specific number of hours as agreed upon with your clients. This way, you have the luxury of choosing your project as well as your schedule. This will make you less stressed out and more fulfilled as a professional.

Personal and Professional Growth

It is a given that in order to write well, you need to read well which would mean that you’ll be learning about varied topics such as those having to do with career, relationships, finances, agriculture, technology, politics, religion, and more. By writing about these, you are also augmenting your personal understanding about life and the world in general. Plus, you’re also enhancing your skills on how to present your ideas the best way you can through writing.

These are reasons enough for you to take freelance writing into serious consideration as your side hustle.