Recently we explained some options how to make money while you have a full-time job.

 A good side hustle idea is one that you can start immediately.

The best thing to do is to think about what you currently have at hand that can be used to make you some money.

Here are a few ideas to think about:

  1. Rent Your Space

If you have more space than you need in your apartment or place of business, you can rent it out to make some money other than leaving it idle.

  1. Rent out Your Car

If you are not at work, you are probably at home doing your own stuff.

Your car spends a lot of time packed away in your garage.

You can rent out your car to companies such Turo that pay for rental hours or days.

Unless you really need to use your car, rent it out to make extra money.

  1. House Sitting

This is an easy side hustle to start.

You basically watch over people’s houses while they are away.

An easy way to start is to come up with a social media page about your house sitting service.

You can set out a defined region for your service so that you don’t have to go too far from your house and place of work.

  1. Baby Sitting

If you are the kind of person that enjoys being indoors and do not mind taking care of people’s children, this is the side hustle for you.

You can start this today and focus on your immediate neighbors.

Since they are used to seeing you around and know where you live, they will easily trust you and will help refer other people to you.

You can have parents drop off their kids to your place or you can go to their houses to babysit there.

Either way, money comes to your pockets.

  1. Pet Sitting and Grooming

Pets make our lives a bit more delightful.

If you are a pet lover and have got the time and space, you can watch over other people’s pets while they are away.

Pets do not need a lot of work.

You just have to make sure they are well fed and have a clean place to sit.

To earn more from this hustle, you can combine it with other services such pet grooming.

Anyone will be willing to pay a little bit extra for their pet to be cleaned up as well.

6.  Driving 

If you have enough time and available car, you can drive your citizens around on weekends or nights.

You may sign up to Uber or some other platform for taxi service.

Sometimes you can earn more than $200 during just one evening.

   7. Become a DJ

DJs used to be the artists, but nowadays technology makes them superstars.

You can become a DJ in the local club and always have a great time at your job!

8.  Catering
If you are good at cooking, serving food, and entertaining your own guests, then you can earn an extra money to do it for someone else.

This can be a wonderful opportunity to have some fun and can become the full-time job if you’re really good at it!

9.  Deliver Pizzas

Delivering pizzas or other food could be very good chance for younger people.

It could bring a lot of surprises but also some great earnings

10. Human Billboard

If you don`t have a problem for being dressed in some funny costume walking on the street you can find it very interesting.

There are always companies looking to hire sign-spinners or people in costume to attract attention.

11. Mystery Shopper

Oh, you may be surprised but this kind of job can be very educative.

You will learn more details about the company and its customer relationship management.

Earnings are from $10 to $30 but be careful.

There are scammers.

Check out on  Marketforce, Best Mark, and Intelli-101 before you go anywhere else.

12. Sell Scrap Metal

Post an ad that you will come and take any scrap metal away for people.

You can earn money from those who want to put away the scrap metal as well as by selling at the scrap yard.

13. Moving Service.

There are always moving service companies in need for an extra pair of strong hands.

If you are ready for hard work but good money, it is the right chance for you.

14. Modeling

A lot of girls or boys are dreaming of becoming a photo model.

The side hustle modeling is a bit different.

Not professional model but a nice way to earn extra money.

The list of different jobs for side hustle is really long but we will give just several examples of online jobs.

Web design and development, copywriting, graphic design, online teaching, research, business planning, blogging, social media marketing, SEO or PPC campaigns, online surveys and many others.

There are great opportunities all around us that you can take advantage off and make money.

It does not have to be a killer idea but something simple with an immediate clientele.

What side hustle are you starting today?

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.