Fiverr is the best online marketplace for professional and creative services.

It is an excellent platform for freelancers and beginners to sell their skills.

Most successful freelancers started on Fiverr and built impressive portfolios from there.

Every skill sells at $5.It is not much, but this is an excellent site to get leads for your direct clients.

However, Fiverr does feature their top rated freelancers, with positive reviews from customers.

It helps the freelancers be more visible to potential clients for the services they offer.

How to Start Selling on Fiverr

Selling on Fiverr is simple.

First of all, you need to sign up and create your profile; signing up for an account is free.

We`ll be focusing here on what’s most important, as the vast majority of users initially avoiding it.

That is a fact when you open an account, not only on Fiverr; you should make every effort to create your profile completed the best you can.

You will need to upload a profile photo and fill out every detail for your profile to be 100% complete.

Try, to be honest, and realistic about yourself.

Once you have a comprehensive profile listing the services that you are good at, you can start selling on Fiverr.

It is how to go about it in 3 simple steps:

Create a Gig

A gig is a detailed advertisement for your services.

When you have finished registering and editing the profile, you need to click on the tab “Start Selling,” and then immediately “add new gig.”

Fill in all required fields and data and try to describe in detail what service you offer, because this is a critical item of your gigs.

When you are done, click “Save,” and you will get offered the opportunity to add a video of what you suggest. Upload gigs of services that are relatively easy to do and take less time to accomplish.

The most trending gigs on Fiverr write 500 words articles, post reviews on your website, or transcribe 10 minutes audio for $10.

An excellent way to earn more money is to do multiple gigs in an hour.

You can also set up different gigs for relatively the same service to increase your chances of selling.

Deliver Your Assignment

A satisfied client will give you positive reviews.

They will also use you for repeat jobs and this you don’t need to compete with others for the job.

As you build a long-term relationship with your clients, you can always work with them outside Fiverr and charge more for the service.

Receive Your Payments

After completing your task, the client is compelled to pay.

Fiverr charges 20% on all sells you make.

It also costs an extra $1 to process your payments to PayPal.

Other than PayPal you can also use Skrill for your withdrawals.

Let`s see how to get the job. Here we go with some tips:

How to find the most requested services

To begin with, sort the gigs by popularity.

In this way, you will see what services are most wanted on, and therefore the best-selling.

When you get an insight into the most popular services, then you will already be much more apparent to make money online with the help of websites

Of course, depending on the skills you have, as well as on your creativity, choose gigs that you think might be required.

Never discard any idea that comes to mind, no matter how stupid or funny you that moment seemed.

You would not believe what all the people willing to pay $ 5. Look for some of the following examples:

A girl from the Czech Republic writes and draws across the face and abdomen

Another regular gig is this one:

A guy from India creates logos for 5$

Pay attention to how these gigs lined up with successful sales, and I’m sure you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised.

Please take a note that these are just two examples that I hastily pulled out for my purposes.

You can try and explore in more details gigs of other users, and you will get hundreds of ideas on how to make the

Choose an attractive title for your gig

Due to the vast number of circulating Fiverr gigs, you need to address your gig be as attractive and appealing to users.

How to choose a headline for your gig is extremely important, since it is almost impossible to expect that a considerable mass of gigs highlights the unattractive title.

Try always to address to use words or phrases that are calling for action.

In the title, you can write a word in capital letters or with the included Caps Lock. Ensure that this very word is the most attractive.

For example, if directed gig “I will make a video for you for $ 5” very high probability that you will not earn anything.

However, if gig addressed “I will make an OUTSTANDING video for your business which will take your breath away,” you will have many more opportunities to challenge the attention of the users on your gig.

Define the delivery time of your gigs and stick to it

No way, do not ignore this advice if you want to learn how to make money on

Always observe the time of delivery.

Otherwise, you’ll start to collect the negative feedbacks and lose reputation which will lead to the fact that almost all Fiverr users ignore your gigs.

Depending on what kind of service you plan to offer, think carefully and evaluate how much it takes to get the same fully able to carry out in due time.

Note that users are on Fiverr quite impatient and reasonably light on the trigger when it comes to giving negative feedback.

Also, think the maximum positive in a way that it is possible to get dozens of orders daily.

If you follow the advice in the article, is an excellent way to start making money on Fiverr.

Be sure to mention that you have in mind that you will not become a rich man selling gigs, but place where you can earn substantial money, while you do not need to invest.

If you are starting your freelancing business, Fiverr is a good site to sell your services. Fiverr offers a great opportunity to build your brand.

Always use clients’ feedback to improve your skills.

You can also outsource for other service providers that you need in your course of business.

What is or was your Fiverr experience?

Is it worth a try?

Feel free to leave a comment below.