eBay is a global eCommerce marketplace with approximately 160 million subscribers as potential customers. eBay is one of the safest places to sell your items, however, before selling on eBay, you have to open an account. You will find instructions on the eBay and you may contact their support for particular questions. It is free to list up to 50 items per month but beyond that, you pay 30 cents for every listing. In addition, you pay a fee of 10% on every item you sell.

Selling on eBay is very simple though it can be a bit involving for beginners. However, there are two ways to sell on eBay:

How to Sell on eBay

  1. Sell it yourself – This is pretty easy as all you have to do is create a listing for your items and wait for customers to get in touch with you. Your listings should include quality photos of your items and an elaborate item description to attract customers.
  2. Try eBay valets – eBay valets are selling experts who do the selling on your behalf for a small fee and send you money once your items sell. They upload the photos, write item descriptions, and do the shipping to your clients. If you do not have enough sales experience, this is the best option to sell on eBay.

What Sells on eBay?

Everything sells on eBay: electronics, clothing, shoes, bags, games and so much more. If you are creative and crafty, you can sell your handmade items too. eBay is a great site to make money both professionally and as a side hustle.

Most sellers have a hard time deciding on the price for their items. On eBay, you can have a fixed price for every item or you can decide to have an auction for your items. Fixed price is good if you know the exact value for your items and want to sell more quickly. Auctions are very exciting and one can earn more than expected for their items. However, it takes a bit longer to sell and you have to be a bit patient to earn more.

To receive your payments, you can link your PayPal or bank account to your listings. After a purchase is made, the buyer sends money to your account. Once you have made a sell on eBay, you can either ship your item to the client or arrange for a local pickup .eBay can arrange for shipping discounts on home postages.

Now that you know the procedure how to sell on eBay we need to draw your attention to some very important information and rules of conduct on eBay. First of all, make sure you study the eBay terms and conditions. Indeed the very extensive, and in addition, they can be and quite confusing. Selling on eBay is not easy to you as it may look at first glance.

Very important announcement for beginners!

Be sure not to connect for example two or more usernames in the same PayPal account. Although not immediately, eBay will eventually reveal what will result in permanent suspension of all accounts related to the seller the same PayPal account! So, if you are in the family has more eager to sell on eBay let each of you create a separate PayPal account.

In the beginning of your seller account will be limited to 10 auctions or $ 500 a month, according to what came before. Over time, the limit will be increased. Sometimes eBay will increase the limit, and sometimes you have to call them and ask to increase the limit. In this case, the support will ask you to send them copies of personal documents and invoices for the goods that selling.

Extremely important!

Never, NEVER try to deceive buyers in any way. You might succeed once, but this will be the only one. The most important thing on eBay is your feedback. Of course the positive one. If you have more positive feedbacks from satisfied customers, your position on eBay will advance.

Therefore, try to deliver properly each sold subject and exactly the kind you have described in the auction. If sometimes you have problems with customers, and believe me, you will have them, do your best to meet the customer, even at the cost of losing some $. All in order to get the customer’s positive feedback as this is the only way to survive.


In the end, I have to warn you that eBay protects buyers over sellers. This customer support is the biggest reason for his unpopularity among sellers. Do not be surprised if you suddenly get suspended eBay seller account, which means do very often without any explanation !!!

In essence, you will receive an explanation of the style: “I’m sorry, but we are not satisfied with the way your sales” or something similar. If you send a notification to your seller account suspended “indefinitely” or “permanently”, you can say goodbye and with the least hope that it will change the decision.


If you’re selling an expensive stuff, then more photos may be viable, but otherwise, consider making a photo collage with some free graphics app. That one free photo could double up as 4 smaller photos! It goes without saying that your photo should actually be the one you’re selling, particularly if it has marks or defects — don’t just find a similar one on Google images.

eBay is a great site to sell all kinds of items and make some money. Whether you simply want to get rid of items that you are not using or want to set up a shop and sell more professionally, try eBay to make your sale. Have you sold on eBay? What was your experience? Feel free to leave a comment below.