The Internet has become the absolute best place for sale especially when it comes to the best-selling products.

On the internet, it is possible to buy everything from living rooms via mobile phone to a staple and a toothpick.

Sales of goods over the Internet, ie, e-commerce in recent years has rapidly increased, as can be seen, if you look at online giants such as Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay.

We will explain more about selling on Amazon for all those who looks for this type of side hustling activity.

The best way to start selling on Amazon is as an FBA seller.

It takes shipping worries off your hands giving you more time to sell other items.

To the client, it takes a short period probably two days for them to receive their items.

If they are prime program members, they get to enjoy free shipping as well.

You can sell on Amazon as an individual or as a professional.

If this is a side hustle for you, you can start as an individual seller as you build your business.

However, the benefits of professional sellers are more compared to those of different sellers.

As a professional seller, you can sell to up to 40 categories for $ 39.99 per month.

Individual sellers can sell up to 20 groups for $0.99 per sale including other selling fees for both types.

It is a partnership with Amazon, where you can cut a piece of cake worth $ 100 billion.

You are invited to take advantage of free online training, which was prepared by the Academy of Panta Rei.

When thinking about what is best to sell on the Internet, ask yourself a few crucial questions:

  • What’s Hot in my niche?
  • What people are looking for (just Google)?
  • Is my product in demand or not?
  • Who is my target market?

After answering these questions, you can consult other tools which may help you to determine your marketing strategy.

How to Sell on Amazon

Amazon has both potentials for buyers and sellers for a variety of items.

As a seller, you have to source for things, do the listings and think of how these items will get to your clients.

There are two categories of sellers on Amazon:

Fulfilled by Amazon seller – As the name suggests, Amazon fulfills the orders on your behalf.

What you have to do is find the product you want to sell, list it on Amazon and prepare and send the items to Amazon warehouses.

You spend less time worrying about shipments to your clients and can be able to sell more.

Merchant fulfilled seller – As opposed to achieving by Amazon sellers, in this case, you do everything by yourself.

You find and list your items; once someone places an order and clears payment, Amazon will notify you.

That’s when you package your items and ship to your clients.

The easiest way to begin selling is to buy products from other vendors and resell on Amazon.

Take advantage of stock clearance or offers on items. You can then resell these items for their average price and make some profit.

Scoutify is a scanning application that you can use to scan the barcode of items on sale.

The barcode gets scanned, you are then directed to an Amazon page where you can see how much the price of the product.

This can be of great help to try and see what items have the best profit margin when reselling.

Other than seeing the current selling price of these items, you will also be able to see the number of orders placed.

With these, you can decide whether the item is fast moving or not and if the profit margin is worth the hassle.

With an idea of how Amazon works, the next step is signing up for a seller account.

Commonly, it is recommended that you sign up for a pro seller account which is highly beneficial.

You can always upgrade or downgrade your account.

Use the Amazon seller app to scan clearance items in stores or elsewhere to determine if you could sell them or not.

To succeed in this, you must be willing to do a lot of research on and off Amazon.

Information on great deals or discounts happening can be a great way to source for items to sell.

You can also sell items in your home that are still brand new.

It is the best way to make the first few coins to invest in your business.

Here are the major tips on how to sell successfully:

Optimization of offers.

A topic. You must pay attention to every product to the buyer could more easily to find your suggestions.

Start with the title; the title must include the keywords for which customers are looking for products.

Look to remember all the synonyms and thus reduce the risk to stay stuck on the last page.

Insert more images. Images of high quality are vital.

Optimizing price.

As in most markets, customers are mainly price-oriented and will always look to pass as favorable.

We have to adapt to this and take advantage in the best possible way.

A large number of sellers determine the price and does not change after two or three months.

That is very wrong because you can not miss the time when you are very quickly able to sell at a higher price and earn more.

Amazon campaign. Campaigns on Amazon represent something like ads on Facebook.

Creating marketing campaigns very quickly you can get to the first page without too much investment in the optimization of price and supply.

Campaigns work similarly to the “Google Adwords” but here specify what amount of money you want to spend for a particular keyword, and Amazon you rank compared to the amount of money that other competitors are willing to fork out for a click for the same thing.

Reviews You probably think that a score of one customer cannot affect your sales of other items.

It is a mistake because it is challenging to sell a product that other users have marked as dangerous or reviewed where we can see what object to a given product.

Be careful about reviews. They can have a significant impact on your success.

If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, be always up to date with the activities of competition, market fluctuation, and news on Amazon.

Good luck!