Guitar is one of the easiest music instruments to play. Guitar lessons attract a lot of interest mostly from teenagers who think it’s cool to play the guitar. More and more people just want to learn how to play guitar for fun. As a guitar tutor, you can make some money by tutoring part time or full time.

It would be a good idea to have a stationary place for both your group and individual lessons. This will minimize the time you would waste moving from one place to another for your private lessons. However should anyone insist that you go to them for the lesson, you can charge a bit more for this to account for the time you spend moving around.

How to make money as a guitar teacher

  1. Offer online tutorial

This is a simple way to start out and grow your business. You have access to millions of potential clients. You can create a website or a blog and start by giving useful tips to guitar players. Soon, people will reach out to you for more and you can offer to do online tutorials.

  1. Offer both individual and group classes

Group or individual classes are ideal for one on one training. For this, you just need to organize a venue for your group classes and decide on the number of lessons per week. You can have new students sign in every week or on a bi-weekly basis. For each level of lesson, you can have different timings so that you are able to handle all your classes.

Individual lessons are also very important to offer. You definitely charge more as compared to your group lessons. Depending on your target clientele, you can make a decent living off of this and possibly turn it into a full time job.

3. Look for part time lessons in schools near you

All schools do have extracurricular activities for their students. You can approach your local schools and offer to be their guitar teacher. It can be tricky for schools that do not have guitar or music lessons in their curriculum to grant you an opportunity, but if you offer them a great package and be patient, eventually they will give you an opportunity.

You may not make so much from schools but they provide an opportunity to meet potential students for your private lessons. You should not spend too much of your time working in schools. You can have one or two lessons per week and for those students who would like more lessons, encourage them to sign up for your private lessons.

With proper time management skills and good marketing, your classes should always be fully booked both online and offline. Remember to give value for money especially on your private lessons students. In case you have more students signing up, you can look for another guitar tutor to work with.

Can you play the guitar professionally? Do you tutor other people? Leave a comment below.