Get Paid By Arranging Flowers for Any Occasion

Get Paid By Arranging Flowers for Any Occasion

If you still have some extra time after your regular work and you want to earn more, you can do a side hustle. For example, you can earn by arranging flowers for any special occasion. This might sound an easy task, but you need to be skillful enough in order to do this well.

Here are some tips which can help beginners like you become a good florist:


Before you start arranging your flowers for any occasion, you need to put them in lukewarm water with floral preservative or flower food. This is to reduce bacteria and to keep your flowers healthy. You also need to make a fresh cut about 1 inch from the bottom of the stem, then leave them in lukewarm water for a couple of days as this will help them absorb water better, thus prolonging their life.


Sitting with the arrangement at an eye level is the best way to have a great angle for creating an even arrangement. Don’t forget to wear garden gloves when dealing with flowers having thorns, and remove these thorns with a sharp knife; make a 45-degree angle cut before you finally arrange the flowers and trim those leaves which may submerge in water.

As you get all your flowers ready for arrangement, you can get a floral foam or flower frog where you place the stems. Then, decide the kind of arrangement that you need to do which most likely depends on the occasion where your flowers will be used. You can start with a simple flower arrangement, until you can perfectly do it.

On going Care

Always remember that your flowers should not be placed in an area that is near to any sources of heat, including sunlight, as they can easily wither.

These are a few of the things that you need to know in order to succeed in making flower arrangement your side hustle.