My BIG idea

Hello! This is Janelle A. Jones your favorite Hustling Hottie. Before anything else, I’d like to thank you once again for visiting my blog.

According to an old saying, “Whatever can happen at any time can happen today.”  This couldn’t be truer for you if you are a part of the Hustling Hotties movement. While I was in college, I worked for the Bank of America in the customer service department. My experience working there was a life changing experience in both positive and negative ways. I met new friends from people of all walks of life. I have intensively developed my communication skills and I have also learned to effectively relate to others. When I started this job in college, I believe that taking a 9-5 job just like what everyone else does after school would be the best path for me to take to become a success in life. Boy, I was wrong! I became very stressed with the demands of the job to the point of nearly being on  my death bed. It was at that point that I made the decision that a 9-5 full-time  employment was not the best choice for me.  I decided to go out on my own and this was when I decided to become a private tutor full time.

Since the day I made the decision to leave my job in the bank of America as a customer service representative, I was doing fine until that one fateful day. I received a heartbreaking news that a good friend (one of my Bank of America Coworkers), in her tender age of 25, suddenly died in a car accident. It shocked me to a great extent. It had me deeply thinking about everything else I still want to do in my life –my aspirations to travel the world, my goal of helping out other women become financially independent and my dream to be the owner of my very own business. That incident with my friend had made me realize that life is too unpredictable and anything can happen at any time to just be confined to a square cubicle my whole life. I have great plans and goals to achieve and I’m seriously determined to make them happen.

Fast forward to today, I have the memory of my good friend a constant reminder to me that I should try to live a more meaningful life each day. I wanted to go on a journey and visit as many places as I can while I am alive. I wanted to help women out there –whether they are mothers, students or retirees -be financially independent and still be awesome! I wanted to start a revolutionary campaign that will help people know that they can have their fullest life when time is in their hands. At first, I thought this was impossible until this bright idea came to me. I’ve searched on the web for various ideas I can do to earn some good cash and believe it or not, the web has given me tons of great ideas to do as side-hustles –thus the birth of my humble company, the “Side-Hustling Hotties.”

In the early days, I didn’t want to go all out. I’m a little hesitant to work independently because I didn’t want to end up failing and losing my job. Here are few of the questions that were running in my head:

  • Am I making the right decision?
  • Should I stop working completely?
  • Will I earn enough to sustain my needs? And wants?
  • Can it support my family and myself?
  • How much time should I put in working online?
  • Will I get hire immediately?
  • Am I ready to do this?
  • Can I earn enough to travel around?
  • (the lists goes on)???…

I had all these questions bugging me for a while. So, I sat down and wrote on a piece of paper my goals and expectations on one side and all the things I can think of that could go wrong on the other. I gave myself a few days to study it and sincerely weighed in on everything.

This is when I came up with the big idea of becoming a coach. Since starting my coaching business, I couldn’t stop telling myself “why just now?” As I have become my own employer, little by little, I couldn’t believe that I can make my dream of traveling in and out of the country possible. From my beautiful town in Atlanta, I have gone to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Las Vegas to name a few. I haven’t thought for once with my 9-5 job that I will be able to travel these places. Aside from that, my greatest blessing would have to be traveling abroad and just having the greatest times of my life. In Guatemala, I went shopping for shoes and bought some wonderful purses. I went hiking in Pacaya and enjoyed roasted marshmallows after. I have toured Jamaica and just fell in love with the culture and the people. And my most recent journey was in Bali, Indonesia that left me wanting to come back again. I spent 3 weeks relaxing and discovering the amazing place. I then  headed to Thailand for another month and a half. I came back during the summer and traveled throughout the United States from California to New Orleans then off to Orlando and New York. There will be more travels to come because I made 2015 my travel year!

Starting my own business made me live life to the fullest. I have time in my own hands which allows me to do a lot of great things –travelling to places, spending time with family and friends and learning new things every day. I’m planning to take on a new course after getting my diploma in Spanish. I’m now a proud owner of a thriving coaching business that specifically help out people earn good money from the comforts of their home doing side-hustles.

I am deeply committed to making a change. A change for the better. A change for freedom and learning where everyone can take a hold of their life and live it meaningfully. Life is too short to be wasted on doing mundane things and be in a boring job. Working independently has opened doors of opportunities for me to know myself better and enjoy the things I love. Do you wish to do the same thing? It is never too late to start. Start living your life and be the greatness you wish to be now!