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Moms Need Vacation Time Alone

Moms Need Vacation Time Alone

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Aycee Brown

So I am kicking ass this week in life. Almost finished my website for my personal brand. Going to launch a store within it. Got news my other business is going to be n not but 3 major national magazines for the holiday gift guides. Helping other launch their brands also and just ordered samples for my new sweatshirts for my personal brand. And because of Janelle Jones I’m going to have about 3 more side hustles.

Hustling Hotties

Laura Turner

Though I may not have met my $5K goal to go to Colombia for my birthday this weekend, I created something better. I had been praying and meditating on how to generate more international business, as well as collaborate with an RDTA company to incorporate our product into theirs. All my orders last week were from international companies: France, Isreal, Vietnam, and Turkey. I’m working out distribution deals with two new companies that ship internationally and am working with a company that wants to use our product for their POD Vape systems. This is a testimony that faith with works is a powerful tool, With the heip of awesome people like Janelle and everyone else in the group who gives and shares of their knowledge, encouragement, and time to help me where l needed I can say I accomplished this challenge successfully!! The money to come from these new opportunities far exceeds my $5k goal.

Hustling Hotties

TMami LYnn

I made some sales today y’all! Plus orders of 4 more, they loved the candles so much. I’m so excited! If I doubted myself before, I no longer will!

Hustling Hotties

David Jackson Jr.

Janelle is intelligent, driven and always eager to provide assistance whenever and wherever she can. I worked with Janelle. She is intelligent, driven and always eager to provide assistance whenever and wherever she can. I worked with Janelle during my first internship as a legislative assistant at the Georgia State Capitol. She’s diligent and has an adaptable leadership ethic that allows her to perform greatly in any capacity.

Hustling Hotties

Lauryn Doll

Explored 2 new avenues to make money. They didn’t work out, but I did make a little change. -Picked up 3 clients in my current industry/expertise (and finished most of another client) -Am revisiting other streams of industry-related skills to improve that can bring in5 figures a month on their own if I do this right.

Hustling Hotties

Pamela Salon

I enjoyed working with Janelle and very professional with great communication. She also responds very quickly whenever I have questions or when I need to clarify something with her. Contact Janelle, if you need assistance with Side Hustle.

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