Customer Success & Operations Role

We’re growing quickly, and I’m looking for my Ace—my right-hand person to whip our Customer Support & Operations into shape.

You can look at our current systems and identify how to streamline & automate tasks I’ve been doing manually for months. You can process large volumes of inbound customer service requests efficiently and empathy. You learn and move quickly and are the pinnacle of organization, flow, and GSD.

About You:

You are insanely organized and addicted to getting things done. Some may call you OCD, and to me, you’re a Godsend.

Your natural instinct is to create processes around what you’re doing—partly because you know the faster you document a task, the sooner you can automate, delegate, or eliminate it.

You are focused. You’re excellent at seeing a task through to completion before moving onto something else. When you have several unrelated projects and tasks, you have a simple way of prioritizing them and powering through.

When you don’t understand something, you try to figure it out on your own first because you’re savvy & resourceful. If you’re still uncertain, you request help without second guessing yourself or thinking you’re bothering me.

  • You are a ninja of organization & efficiency. I never need to worry about what’s happening and when… because you’ve got it covered!
  • You process large volumes of inbound customer service requests—including praise, sales questions, payment questions & disputes—seamlessly, quickly, and with professionalism & personality.
  • You can learn a new software faster than I can say “new software” and you’re a systems extraordinaire. You can look at my current systems and identify how to automate tasks I’ve been doing manually for months. Yes, time savings!
  • You’re driven by metrics. You know that you can’t improve something unless you measure it, so you develop ways to measure your performance so you’re always improving.
  • You’re obsessed with getting things done. If a task is unfinished or unaccounted for, you’re not sleeping until it’s scheduled or complete.
  • Timeliness and deadlines are your jam. When we have a team call at 10:00am, you show up at 9:55am. When the deadline is Tue at 5:30pm, you have it done by Mon at 9:30am.
  • You’re a swiss army knife—known to be able to figure anything out. Google is your best friend, you’re resourceful & savvy, and you love a good challenge.
  • You communicate clearly and confidently. If you disagree with something, you communicate that without hesitation.
  • One of your superpowers is customer empathy, and you can step into a role and master the brand’s voice & vibe almost immediately.
  • “You down with SOP? Yeah you know me!”—You love creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) templates to make our systems repeatable & unf*ckwitable 🙂
  • Excel & Spreadsheets excite you. When you hear VLOOKUP, you do a happy dance. And if you don’t know how to do it, you’re hopping on YouTube or popping into a forum to figure it out in a jiffy.
  • Social media is life– You are proficient in pinterest, instagram and facebook. You know all about how the algorithms have changed and how to get sales from social media.
  • Words flow out of you like a river– You are able to write in my tone and voice (once you learn it) and all you need is a concept to create newsletters and blog posts.


Preferred Experience:


  • Experience:
    • Customer service/support/sales
    • Payment disputes (Knowledge of Stripe & PayPal are ideal)
    • Email automation (ConvertKit experience is ideal)
    • Updating landing pages (Clickfunnels experience is ideal)
    • Project management (Asana experience is ideal)
    • Creating SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) templates
    • Admin support
    • Facebook group moderation
  • Software / Tech skills:
    • Asana/Trello (Project Management)
    • Constantcontact (Email service provider)
    • Clickfunnels (Landing page builder)
    • Stripe & Paypal
    • Helpscout (Customer Support platform)
    • Google Docs
    • Facebook groups
    • Graphic Design

About the Company:

Website: hustlinghotties.com and janelleajones.com

Instagram: instagram.com/hustlinghotties

Janelle Jones, affectionately known as the Side Hustle Queen, she used side hustles to leave the corporate world behind before the age of 25.Today, she lives for a living. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, she travels the world with her son and helps women convert from underpaid and overwhelmed to Passionate Playmakers.


Perks & Compensation:

This role will start at 5-10 hours per week to make sure we are a fit. You can #WFA 🌴 (Work From Anywhere). You’ll work directly with Janelle Jones and get access to her trainings so you’re equipped to be successful in your role. Compensation is based on experience.

To apply:

Complete this Typeform. Hiring immediately, so complete it now if you’re interested in the role.