How to Sell Stock Photos

How to Sell Stock Photos

Did you know you could make money selling your photos and potentially supplement your income? For most aspiring photographers, this is the best side hustle for them. However, if you are a camera-friendly and always take great photos, you can consider selling your photos for some money. There are many online selling websites available where you can sell photos.

Microstock sites such as and make it pretty easy for anyone to sell prints online. Other places where you can sell your photos are Fotolia, Dreamstime, Depositphotos, 123RF, PixMac, etc. Most sites charge $1 for the small size photos, but the amount increases with larger photos.
Stock photography is a photo or graphics licensed for a specific use. Their use is prevalent among designers, graphics editors, advertising agencies, and so on in preparing ads, websites, brochures.
For example, companies or individuals, instead of hiring professional photographers, purchase photos from these websites.

To start selling your photos, you need to sign up as a contributor. Most stock image sites will ask for sample photos before approving your account. Once your account is approved, you can upload as many images as you like for free. However, for every sale, the microsite will charge a small fee. To make more money, you can choose to be exclusive to one site.


Photos quality

Photos without noise

Your photos go through serious checking. So be sure that the picture is clean, has an excellent composition, and most importantly, free from digital noise generated due to set high ISO values, short exposure, long exposures, or because of excessive processing.

No tourist photos

Do not think that you could earn anything from the sale of tourist point & shoot photos. It is not a scheme to get rich quickly.

Your photos must be commercially acceptable, the benefits to designers and graphics editors. Once you join one of these services, you can see the most famous images to gain an impression of what are the requirements. Visit the various professional photo galleries and so pick up inspiration.


No copyrighted material

When applying for a photo, make sure that it has no trademarks, brands, products (e.g., Nike). It would help you to sell photos and earn money.


Choose the right microstock agency.

You need to know what kind of photography agency asking that. Holds and whether such photos. Check the number of users of these sites, how many times removed famous images. Evaluate whether this page worth your effort. There are many stock photography websites available which you can go through and start selling your unique photographs.


Categorize and keyword selection
Photographers usually put the photo in more than just one recommended category. Also, connect your pictures with the right keywords, allowing your photos to appear through search engines integrated into the website. You can use keywords to describe your images for more visibility. Keywords are what clients use to search for photos to purchase. As easy as it sounds, this can be a tricky business to penetrate.

It should be known to play keywords, but not enter “false” keywords that are not related to photography. Your photos should, therefore, not get discarded.

Selling stock photos is a game of numbers, and you need to sell more to earn more. However, you can focus on taking great pictures that will sell quickly. An excellent digital camera is a must-have tool for this business. You need to find connections in different aspects and be able to take good photos of each.

In addition to photos, microstock sites also sell audio and video clips as well as vectors, icons.

With access to good cameras, more and more people are contributing to their photos, so yours have to be equally reasonable to sell. Many websites reject a lot of pictures and only approve the best generic images. We all take photos in our day to day lives. With a little creativity, these photos can be sold and earn us money. Have you ever sold your photographs before? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your experience.

Side Hustle Ideas For Single Moms

Side Hustle Ideas For Single Moms

Being a single mum is not easy at all. You have to work hard to be able to provide for your children but still, spare some time to bond with them. Most single mums prefer jobs that are not so demanding. The downside is that most such positions do not pay very well and you may be forced to look for something else on the side to earn money so that you can complement your income. Here are a few side hustle ideas:

Baby Sitting

Cliché as it sounds; you can earn a decent income babysitting. An easy way to do this is to have parents drop their children at your house instead of you going to their homes. As you watch over other people’s kids, you also attend to your children in the process. This hustle has the potential to grow to a daycare where you can attend to several kids at a time, and you make more money through work from home.

YouTube Channel Host

YouTube is one of the simplest ways to make money and online business. You can create your channel and have people subscribe to it. The more popular your channel becomes, the more advertisements you can run on your channel. Google pays a decent amount to have their ads on people channels. Also when you upload videos, and it is watched by 1 million, Google pays you $ 1000 for every 1 million views on your videos. You can upload funny videos probably on your life as a single mum and tell your friends to say to others. As your views increase, you can sit and wait for your pay cheque. Pretty simple!

3. Freelance Your Skills

Instead of putting in more hours at your day job or taking up a part-time job, you can freelance your skills and make money online and earn an income from the comfort of your home. There are several popular websites where employers post freelance jobs from writing, graphic design and medical transcription to IT gigs and help needed with website building or business promotion. On you can browse different categories and job listings before “bidding” on projects that you feel confident you can complete. Upwork is one of the most popular platforms, offers various opportunities within the design, web development, recruitment, or writing. Sites such as Rat Race Rebellion have numerous listings of remote work from home jobs that pay about $15 per hour. These are simple jobs such as online chat support, hotel booking assistant that you can do at home as you spend time with your kids.

Mystery Shopper

Companies are continually looking for reviews on their goods and services. It is good to know what they do differently and how to improve your services, to stay on par with your competition. Companies pay a good amount of money to have mystery shoppers test their services. Most of these payments are in cash, and the instructions are straightforward.

Voice Over Acting

It is an exciting side hustle that can pay up to $1000 per hour. If you excel at emulating how people talk, you could try this. You have to learn how to act with just your voice. Some agencies help beginners in creating standard voice demos as well as coaching on the same. Once you learn how to do voice-overs, you can approach radio stations and production companies and see if you can do an ad.

The list of potential jobs is much longer, but now we want to focus on the essential tips for single mums to make money:

Be a role model

A child needs only a good role model in its life that could help to become a quality person as an adult. Buying toys, going to expensive places or spending less time together are not a guarantee that your child will turn right when he/she grows up. A single parent who has to cope with all the problems of life and with this being a parent more often the time spent with your child to take advantage of better than parents who have time to spare, but under conventional means, time spent viewing the screen without any personal communication and entrusting.

Find the perfect rhythm of life that suits you and your child.

Try to adjust your work schedule. You should spend more time with the child and be able to do the housework in the evening when the baby sleeps. Do not be afraid to ask the employer to cooperate, as long as the new arrangement does not impair the quality and quantity of your work.

Pre-plan your free time

If you want to go for a weekend in nature, plan details. Also, if you’re going to devote some time to yourself, go to the hairdresser or to socialize. It is time to look for a babysitter if you do not have anyone who stepped in with childcare.

All the above are examples of simple side hustles/ business ideas that single mums can engage in without putting in too much effort and time. If you are a single mum with a side hustle, we would like to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post.

How to Sell on Etsy

How to Sell on Etsy

Etsy is an online platform with about 24 million buyers for unique items. These items have to be vintage, crafted, or handmade. Most people selling on Etsy create their things. Others buy their items from other sellers and resell for profit. Selling on Etsy is easy and takes the steps below:Create an

Online Shop 

Creating an online shop is a natural step for selling goods online. Most buyers will not concentrate so much on the name of the shop but the goods you are selling, therefore, choose a simple name. After selecting your shop name, create your shop design. Let the model be simple since it does not matter that much. A good logo and brand can help in the design of your shop. If you are excellent in graphic design, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you can always outsource to someone.

Create Your Listing

Whether the item is unique or handmade craft or handmade gifts, take good photos from different angles and post on your shop. For handmade crafts, you can create beautiful designs in one color and state the different colors they can be available in. Here are a few tricks for best photo results:

Choose a neutral background
  • Use props sparingly
  • Have a blurred background but focus on your item
  • Compare photos of other shops to get ideas of how to take your photos

Pricing Your Items

Etsy charges $0.20 for every item you list on your shop. Etsy also charges a small fee of 3.5% for every sale you make. You also need to put in mind PayPal processing fees for your payments. With all these fees in mind, you can then set the price of your items. Always check what your competitors are selling their items for so that you do not end up under or overpricing your items.

Getting Your First Sale

Having created your product listings, you can sit and wait for clients to reach you or you can market your shop to attract clients to your shop. An excellent way to do this is open a Facebook page or Instagram page and post a promotional link back to your Etsy shop. You can also promote your items on Etsy for more visibility.

What could you sell on Etsy? If you’ve got a idea for making handcrafted gifts, consider selling them on Etsy. It could be baby clothes to woodworking products and more, Etsy store owners can make hundreds of dollars per month or more if they sell a valuable commodity.

Here we will give some tips that you can find on

  1. Make a plan how to sell – You have to determine a plan and start trading with the dedication for achieving your goals. Try to treat your Etsy properly. If you treat your Etsy business like a hobby, you will reap hobby money, but if you treat it like a real online business you will bring in the money you are striving for.
  2. Create a photo gallery – make photos for your products. After a buyer looks at all five pictures, they should feel like they have picked up the item and looked it over and are ready to take it to the cash register and buy!
  3. Pricing – Many factors come into play when pricing your items, so knowing your product is crucial.
  4. Build your brand – invest in your branding. Try to become recognizable. Use social media for promotion.
  5. Understand your market – if you don`t understand market needs, then your sales on Etsy could be a failure. Always keep up with market news. Be on the top with trends.
  6. SEO and optimization – keywords and linking are the essential part of SEO, but you should also optimize your shop with other Etsy relevant words.
  7. Social Media as a part of your general marketing strategies is the cheap and very effective method to achieve your goals.
  8. Guest posting – One way to increase your network, get more recognition, expand more exposure, contribute to the handmade community, and build backlinks is to write guest articles for blogs.
  9. Enjoy sales – always make a good atmosphere and try to be creative!