Online surveys are part of consumer research. As a participant, you volunteer to give your opinion on a service or product in exchange for money, freebies, or gift cards. This has great influence on a product or service in the market. Online surveys vary and can be based on various topics.

Types of Surveys Include:

  • Automotive
  • Food and restaurant
  • Accessories
  • Leisure and Tourism

Online surveys can be a fun way to make money especially if you know how to position yourself for more survey invitations.

How to Make More Money on Online Surveys

  • Sign up to many panels – Most panels will send you one or two surveys a month. In order to make more money, sign up to multiple panels and you will be invited for many surveys.
  • Use a different email to sign up for surveys – Do not use your personal email for surveys. Having a different email or surveys makes sure that you do not miss any survey invitation.
  • Give true information – Always try to give accurate information. Do not alter your information in a bid to try and qualify for more surveys.
  • Watch out for fake sites – There are a lot of scam sites claiming to be legit. Always do your due diligence before signing up to these sites. You can stick to the sites that are well known to avoid being scammed.
  • Redeem your cash or points when you reach the minimum limit – All sites do have a minimum limit where you can withdraw your money or points. It is good to withdraw as soon as possible since some incentives such as gift cards have a timeline on when they can be used.
  • Do not pay to sign up – Signing up to an online survey is free and you should not be paying for anything. If you come across a site that asks you to pay for signing up, it is most likely a scam.

Tips how to play smart:

  • More panels – more money. Maybe, we already know this fact. Try to read reviews about each site and find out which of them are offering more surveys per month. It is about quantity. Another important advice – you should learn which of them are offering better-paid surveys like focus groups. It is about quality.
  • Focus groups – strategy for the most paid surveys. When it comes to focusing groups, we have to start from ordinary surveys. Sarah underlined that you have to reach a status on these panels, so you can get surveys which are paid 30$ or more. Just to make it clear, you can`t register on some panel today and get a survey from focus group tomorrow. Study thoroughly about the panel and try to find out the fastest way to get some of those surveys.
  • Make a history on the panel – try to build your profile on the panel. This is the most important thing if you want to get better-paid surveys. Take surveys, don`t neglect surveys with a lower rate. Take part in panel`s forums if there are such. Look at about forums. Always share your experiences. Try to increase your level and show the knowledge. Be wise and patient. You have to be proactive and sometimes anticipative. Always be honest. Maybe, that is good reasoning for getting better-paid offers.
  • Sending referrals could also be a way to get more money. For each referral, your panel will pay you. Amounts vary, but never underestimate even the smallest offer. You never know who or what will help you in the future!

Top Legit Sites for Online Surveys

  1. Swagbucks – Most popular among students since they reward in form of cash, vouchers, and prize drawS.
  2. Toluna – Once in a while, they give out free products, but they mostly reward in Amazon vouchers and prize draws.
  3. Ipsos – This is the best paying research company. It rewards in High Street and Amazon vouchers and prize draws.
  4. Global Test Market – It is a US site and reward in cheques, vouchers, and prize draws.
  5. My Survey – It is popular in testing consumer preference in products and services and rewards in PayPal payments, Amazon, and High Street vouchers.
  6. Onepoll – It has short quick surveys on every topic and provides public opinions to press and major brands. It rewards in cash or PayPal payments.
  7. Opinion Outpost – They are quickly gaining popularity for their fun surveys and fast payouts. They reward in cash and Amazon vouchers.


Online surveys are an easy way to earn some money or gift vouchers. The surveys are very easy and you can participate from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You can easily do the surveys during your free time. However, some surveys have short timelines of a few hours. Always be on the lookout for such.

Signing up to survey sites is an easy task; participating in a survey is more easier and fun and you get to earn from it.What survey have you participated in? Leave a comment below.

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