Looking for a Sign, Beautiful?

Here’s Your Proverbial Fork in the Road

We often dream of living with luxurious freedom and independence.

Yet we shrink away from every opportunity to do so. We provide every reason not to pursue our dream, from time and money to family commitments and the risk of instability.

Our excuses feel justified. They appeal to the rational mind. But the truth is that we’re comfortable where we are, even if we proclaim to “hate” our circumstances.

The bigger truth, deep down inside, is that we’re scared.

We won’t change until we’re forced to – and that usually means because there’s a crisis or life-altering tragedy of some sort that pulls the rug from beneath us, destroys our comfort zones, and shakes our foundation to the core.

When your fork in the road appears, you have two choices. You can:

A: Fight the good fight and hold on desperately to what you’re used to, gripping until your knuckles are white and pop from exhaustion. Or,

B: You can take a deep breath and let go, manifest destiny through your pursuit of the unknown, where the possibilities are as rewarding as they are scary.

Here is your opportunity to start over.

To figure out what you want to do. To connect with like-minded people. To do more than pay bills and die. To live a good life that’s not conceived of predestined obedience and mediocrity.

But this is a choice. Your choice. You have to make the decision, commit to it, and have fun with it. Decisiveness. Commitment. Fun. That’s what makes you a Hustling Hottie. If this sounds like your type of adventure, then I welcome you. Come on home.

Welcome, I’m Janelle.

I’m known as the Side Hustle Queen because I used side hustles to leave the corporate world behind before the age of 25. I’m from Queens, New York, am based in Atlanta, Georgia, and I live for a living. I travel the world with my toddler Winter and help women transform from being underpaid, overwhelmed, and overworked into Passionate Playmakers who are fully in control of their lives.

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